Empowering individuals and teams to embody their core values and be their best selves.


Individualised coaching can fast track you towards your vision.

We see your natural gifts, your potential, your passions … and we mirror them back to you!

Once we find the language for the vision, together we co-create your narrative – your new story – as if it is already happening.

We offer actionable strategies for improving your communication skills, focussing your direction and releasing more of your natural humour. 

Applying Quantum Laws of entanglement,  presentation tips and and our combined brainstorming creativity, we support you in any project you bring to the table.

Based upon your goals, we develop a tailored coaching and training program for you.

We combine insight-based coaching and skills-based coaching as best suits such as:

  • Identifying and integrating your core values
  • Improving your communication skills with ‘Proactive Listening’
  • Engaging with human potential evolutionary coaching processes
  • Applying advanced and proven interpersonal communication approaches
  • Practicing whole-being engagement
  • Offering trips and exercises for optimising your voice and body language

Working with John and/or Wendy, or both of us (!) you will love:

  • Discovering your unique humour perspective
  • Participating in challenging fun exercises
  • Learning from expert voice and presence instruction
  • Receiving highly-tuned feedback on your presenting and communicating


Most of our courses can be delivered in the Coaching one-on-one format, including:

Thrive! Growing Values-Driven Engaged Teams

Thrive! Growing Values-Driven Engaged Teams

Learn how to create the conditions for a group of people to find their individual and collective fulfilment by becoming a high performing team. Ultimately, it’s all about alignment, engagement, and collective collaboration. When the heart, passion, and alignment are right, results follow!

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What’s My Leadership Style? Values 360

What’s My Leadership Style? Values 360

Using the Barrett Values Individual and Leadership 360 Values Analytics and Knowles by Heart Discovery Process, we acknowledge and leverage your gifts and abilities while encouraging you to step into a more cohesive, authentic, and powerful you!

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Individual Personal Coaching

Individual Personal Coaching

In these project or challenge-focused individual coaching sessions, we support you to think differently, access deep insights, and transcend blocks and limitations. You gain heightened self-awareness, feel more confident and inspired, and take action in your natural flow!

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Alive! Authentic Values-Driven Living

Alive! Authentic Values-Driven Living

In this individual coaching program, you will gain a greater sense of purpose, deeper self-awareness, tools to address personal blocks, new insights, and a co-create a focused self-development plan to live your life’s purpose more fully.

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“Your thoughts, actions and emotions all determine your life story. The story of your life so far can have any ending you create. We all have stories – running, changing commentary – that we tell ourselves to make sense of our lives.  These stories can guide us through life or hold us back.  Telling your story is powerful medicine.  Each of us is a hero in a story no one else can write.  Your story is your legacy.  What do you see as the ending to your story now?   Believe you can create a life of abundance”

– MedicineCrow, Shaman/Healer

Based upon your goals and budget, we will recommend one of our four formats:

john knowles

One on One with John

One-on-One with Wendy

Split team

Where you are coached by Wendy & John but only one coach works with you at any time


John & Wendy coach you at the same time together as a duo

“John helps me find my creative voice over and over. I recently won awards for my writing! John is sensitive, intuitive, and know how to pull the stories out of me!”

– Lulu Joy, Writer/Artist, Sydney, Australia

“John and Wendy each have unique abilities to reflect me back to myself. I learned a lot about me in where I hold back and where I can be more naturally, self-expressed! It’s all about connecting. I learned so much and out sessions were so much fun!”

– Dennis Duff – Business Owner – California

Why do we coach?

We just love sharing our knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to help people become the best presenter, leader or communicator they can be, or to land that job or sell that project, and…to assist you to show up as your most attractive, authentic human self!

Our quest is to release the authentic, engaging individual in you and set you up to make a real difference.

What’s Your Story? What’s Your Vibe? What’s Your Impact?

Our promise – Your growth, our integrity. Your goals, our wisdom. We will earn your trust, you will learn our secrets. Our focus is YOU.

Feeling keen?

Contact us directly on this link to schedule an exploratory Zoom call with us.

Let’s chat about your goals and to see if we are the right fit for you.