Ready to experience life from a place of full expression?

Commit to living more authentically?

With limitless creativity?

Alive! Personal Coaching for Authentic Values-driven Living is a series of personal coaching sessions. We engage with your life’s stories, and with our Alive! Self-Discovery Process, we delve deeply into your unique passions and gifts. In one-on-one weekly Zoom coaching sessions, Wendy helps you to renew your innate passion, uncover and release limiting self-talk, freeing up self-expression.

As background, you will complete a short Barrett Model questionnaire on your core values, both currently lived and aspired.

Applying principles of Quantum theory and spiritual laws, we begin the process of co-creating your future with practical, actionable, natural steps. Daily self-reflection homework integrates new learnings. The outcome – a renewed sense of purpose, deeper self-awareness, new insights, conscious connections and signs.

We co-create a focused plan to live your life’s purpose more fully.

“I look forward to being an inspiration and grounded mentor for you to manifest and live your authentic life!”

– Coach Wendy Knowles.

The Barrett Individual Values Assessment deepens your understanding of what is important to you in your life and what changes are necessary for you to find personal fulfilment.