Are you up to a specific project and could really use an experienced, insightful mentor-coach to bounce ideas off and fast-track your vision?

Do you feel stuck in some area of your work?

Could use some outside professional input?

Have you taken our courses and are now ready to embody the learnings in a process that is tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations?

Working with Wendy or John (or both of us!), we listen deeply and really hear where you are coming from and where you’d like to be. Using our sharp intuitive senses while drawing from thousands of hours of experience, we help you uncover insights and an inner knowing before collaborating with you on strategies for growth and achieving your goals. Applying Quantum Science and spiritual principles, we rework your language, reframe your thinking and create openings for manifesting your goals and the life you desire.

One great advantage in working with us is that we reflect back what we see. The best of YOU! ‘Cause you don’t know what you can’t see! Honest, empathetic, practical feedback and suggestions given from the heart, offered with confidentiality, integrity and humour.

We love building close relationships with our clients and take pride in being part of your renewed passion and confidence, seeing your shifts and openings in thinking and feeling. We are ready to support your creative manifestation!

We are on your team.

Expect newfound confidence and motivation as we co-create your plan and support you as you take action.

We dig deep, we don’t pull punches and we do a lot of laughing along the way.

Let’s have some fun working together.


“I have worked with Wendy since 2013. She is a constant source of creative and practical business insight. She sees the future as already manifesting. Wendy supported me through the launch of a new business and is a fantastic sounding board for any new ventures and challenges.”

Larry Rugoff, Owner, Fire Wise Landscaping, Northern California