In this one-on-one advanced coaching program for presenters, John and Wendy help you finesse your presentation and communicate powerfully.

We are confident you will soon be engaging others far better than you ever have in the past – with authenticity, passion, and presence.

We focus on your upcoming event and tailor our coaching to help you shine!

Working with John, you get the benefit John’s many years as professional actor, improvisation expert and teacher, storyteller, corporate trainer and large audience presenter. Quickly we help you hone your content, storyline and delivery finding opportunities for genuine audience interaction and humour in your own style. Applying techniques employed by expert presenters and fine-tuned by John, you raise your presenter ‘game’ to a whole new level!W

Working with Wendy, you leverage her years of corporate presenting, deep intuition, salesmanship, coherence, a creative use of succinct language. She supports the process to refine the delivery enabling you to illustrate your core values authentically and connect deeply with your audience.

John and Wendy! The transformational twosome. We’re ready when you are!

Really enjoyed working with John and Wendy. I gained new skills taking my presenting to another level. The modelling of techniques and use of timing and humour was amazing! I now get what is going on behind the scenes in masterful presenters! And I had so much fun!

– Dennis Duff, Businesses Owner and Facilitator, California


Wendy Knowles is one of the most creative engaging thought leaders I’ve ever had the chance to know. I was truly impressed with her Canadian Values Alliance Research Project and the Barrett’s values Model. As a volunteer table facilitator for the workshop she coordinated in Halifax, I saw first-hand how Wendy skillfully presented how the Barrett Values Model and then facilitated a rich, provocative discussion among diverse groups.

Wendy Knowles is a deeply wise coach who is conceptual but solidly practical and as an agent of change. She’s committed to professional growth and community development. We are living in a time where the quality of conversations must rise to meet pressing and complicated societal needs. In her work she is unafraid to tackle sensitive issues that if not explored, just keep the status quo in place. I believe she has the competence and capacity to help organisations /businesses and leaders see where values, authenticity, and heart-felt passion are central to meaningful change.

– Denise Delong, MA, M. ED. Education Consultant, Nova Scotia (Canada) Apprenticeship Agency