Using the Barrett Values Individual and Leadership 360 Values Analytics and the Knowles by Heart Discovery Process, your gifts and abilities will be recognized and enhanced as you step into a more cohesive, authentic, and powerful you!

  • What’s my Leadership Style?

  • What’s my vibe? Am I walking my talk?

  • How do others see me?

  • What are my core values and am I holding true to them?

Ever wonder why it is sometimes so difficult to engage others? Do you get frustrated when your vision is not inspiring others to take action? In this individual coaching program, we work together to refine your authentic personal brand. Engaging with self-discovery and 360 values feedback metrics from colleagues, family, and friends, we work together to refine your own authentic brand.


  • Live your core values every day as you embody outstanding authentic leadership
  • Develop new levels of self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Better Leverage your key strengths while mitigating personal weaknesses.

The results: a more confident, authentic, curious, passionate you who inspires and engages others to be their best selves!

What’s my Leadership Style Values 360 is a one-on-one coaching series.

The Process:

Using the Barrett Values Individual and Leadership 360 Values Analytics and Discovery Process, we consider and engage with your personal core values and then ask 12 of your friends, family, and associates to provide insights as to how consistently you demonstrate these core values in action.

The process reveals themes that help us understand what may be obstructing you and how you can shine even more! The results are humbling and insightful. We will help you to: reframe your thinking around beliefs and assumptions; discover and apply universal truths, energetic alignment, and Quantum Science; release the need to push too hard at life.

The Outcomes:

  • You learn what your colleagues, family, and friends want more of from you!
  • Projects move forward more easily as you engage and connect with others at a new level.
  • You become more at one with yourself.
  • You gain new insights and apply them to step into life from a cohesive paradigm that resonates with others
  • You reconnect with your natural in-the-moment flow! A One-on-One Coaching Program uniquely focused on You as Leader!