Craft Your Story with IMPACT Level I


Inside each of us is a great story – one that will move an audience, be remembered and passed on to others. Stories captivate, entertain and motivate people to action.

Whether it’s to illustrate your personal brand or your connection to a business, an authentic engaging story is essential. The ability to tell a brilliant story at a social gathering, a job interview, or at the podium is a powerful, thrilling and rewarding skill that creates connections.
Oral storytelling is not only an entertaining social skill. It helps you develop trust, build relationships and present with presence.
In this course, you’ll gain:

  • In-depth knowledge of why great storytelling affects us
  • Strategies for getting laughs and pulling heart-strings
  • The secrets to making your audience curious and leaning in to hear more
  • Confidence presenting in front of a crowd
  • Friendly support from a group of like-minded interesting people

Previous participants in this course say that they have discovered healing and humour in retelling a traumatic or serious story from their past. Others, for whom comedy already comes naturally, are surprised to discover their ability to deliver moments of emotional authenticity and vulnerability. Several participants have said that this course has changed their lives.
Working individually, in pairs and also small groups, we share short personal stories to learn the mechanics and emotional hooks of great storytelling. John employs his experience as a professional Theatresports player to lead the group in playful narrative-building exercises and story genre games that build performance confidence and keep our sessions interactive and fun.
Craft Your Story With Impact provides you with:

  • Simple effective tools for constructing your narrative
  • Storytelling Whirligig Model for uncovering potential stories
  • A writing scaffold and action plan to help you achieve your weekly benchmarks and complete your story.
  • John’s Guide to a 7-Beat story

You’ll finish up with a polished engaging story that you can confidently tell (without notes!) anytime, anywhere.

Your teacher

John has been telling stories professionally on stage for over 26 years and off stage for 52. He learned his craft by telling thousands of true stories at conferences, on comedy festival stages, at dinner parties and on long car journeys to the bemusement of his wife Ronelle and four children.

“I look forward to exploring the passions, pinnacles and potholes of your life and uncovering amazing tales that let you shine!”

– John

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John Knowles

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