Feeling frustrated with your close ratio?

Struggling to meet with the buyers who control the pursestrings?

Finding it challenging to co-create a vision with with prospect that moves them into action?

Values-based Sales is about helping people and doing the right thing while accomplishing targets. Yes, it is possible!

Leveraging her 25 years of professional selling and sales managing, Wendy will uncover what your strengths are and mitigate your weaknesses. Values-based Sales is about helping people and doing the right thing while accomplishing targets.

Yes, it is possible!

We focus on your niche and industry and develop your own authentic approach. Leveraging elements of best practices from Miller Heiman, Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, Acclivis and her own proven systems, Wendy observes you in action and uncovers your unconscious habits and behaviours that are holding you back. Are you ready to improve your sales performance, make your work enjoyable and turn prospects into advocates? Let’s get started!

“Wendy Knowles has helped me nearly double my sales in just three months of working together but it goes much deeper than the numbers. Wendy’s sales coaching is about learning about ourselves and conducting all of our interpersonal dealing, professional and personal, from that place of self-awareness. The more self-aware we become the more we can relax and focus on the needs of others. I am so pleased with the results so far, and I am just starting to implement the learning. It really is life changing.”

– Barb Whyte, Senior Account Manager, Rogers Media


“Though my Financial Consultancy practice has grown adequately over the past ten years, I felt I had ‘hit the wall’ in terms of available time to both service my existing clients and attract a flow of new business. I engaged Wendy Knowles to assess my predicament and provide coaching in the development of effective, sustainable marketing strategy and the overall performance of my practice.

Wendy and I have been working together for approximately three months. During this time she has proven herself adept at identifying both the strengths in my practice and the areas most need of improvement.

In particular, she has provided valuable insight on the effects of existing business image and marketing practices. She has assisted me greatly in conceiving and implement the changes needed to improve performance in the marketing area and indeed, the practice as a whole.”

– John Collins, Certified Financial Planner, Cartier Partners Financial Services Inc.


“The Strategic Sales Skills Series provided me with focus, vision, and sustained clarity in the sales process for my consulting practice. Wendy’s approach involves crafting and maintaining professional business relationships that support the client in their goals and strategies. Listening and hearing the client at different levels in the essence of consultative selling.”

– Janet Porter, M. Eng. PMP, Synaptiqa Inc.