This is your team, thriving!

Imagine…excitement is in the air, ideas flow, and innovation comes naturally as your people invest their creativity into projects. Your teams, aligned to common core values that resonate, now easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Leadership works to cultivate a shared vision of success. Team members are learning, growing, and able to bring their full selves to work in support of your organizational purpose.

A series of interactive group coaching sessions


You learn how to create the conditions for a group of people to find their individual and collective fulfilment by becoming a high performing team. Ultimately, it’s all about alignment, engagement, and collective collaboration. When you get the heart, passion, and alignment right – the results follow!

Analytics that Work!

Together we support the cultural transformation of your team or organization! Imagine being able to get a comprehensive diagnostic of the culture by asking your employees three simple questions that take around 15 minutes to complete. Furthermore, imagine being able to get reports for any demographic grouping you care to list. That is exactly what our flagship Cultural Values Assessment, used by over 6,000 organisations, enables you to do.

We will engage with Barrett Values Individual and Team Assessments. These proven tools provide the foundation model and language for meaningful facilitated and individual conversations.

The Barrett Model is the breakthrough work of Richard Barrett. Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and tested over more than two decades of real-world experience with thousands of organizations, the model identifies the seven areas that comprise human motivations. These range from basic survival at one end, to service and concern for future generations at the other.

It provides a proven and extraordinarily useful map for understanding the values of your team members and stakeholders. Even better, it offers a means for creating more supportive and productive relationships between them, and a deeper alignment of purpose across your teams and throughout your organization.

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